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Alderperson Simone Kukenheim

Mrs Kukenheim is the Amsterdam alderperson for education.
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Simone Kukenheim was already active in politics during her time studying political science at university. In 2004, she did a fellowship for the American Congressman Tom Lantos, after which she worked for two years for Lousewies van der Laan, a member of the House of Representatives. While working at the international organisation Humanity in Action she was committed to increasing the involvement of a new generation of leaders for diversity and human rights.

Kukenheim was also founder and board member of the youth organisation of the Centre for Information and Documentation of Israel (CIDI). In 2006, she was Group Chair of the council group of D66 in the District of Zuid and in 2010 served as a member of the Executive Committee. As portfolio holder she was, amongst other things, responsible for the investment programme for expansion, renovation and improvement of school buildings. She was also responsible the citywide implementation of the recommendations of the Gunning Committee in response to the Amsterdam sex crimes case.

Prof.dr Marli Huijer

Prof.dr. Marli Huijer is the first woman to become Thinker Laureate of The Netherlands, the country's leading philosopher.
Staying behind, a new philosophy for a world without borders

Marli Huijer explores the phenomenon of staying behind in connection with overseas migration from Europe to other parts of the world: what significance does the departure of a child, sibling or colleague have for those who stay behind? Because the world is becoming smaller for Europeans, Huijer argues that departing and staying behind have acquired an entirely new meaning: a final farewell seams to be a thing of the past.


Prof.dr. Marli Huijer is the first woman to become Thinker Laureate of The Netherlands, the country's leading philosopher. In addition, she is a professor by special appointment in public philosophy at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Educated as philosopher and medical doctor, Huijer is using her honorary function as the Denker des Vaderlands to focus on the public area as interstitial spaces, so that the voices of others, who are generally less noticed, can be heard clearly. Huijer works include Ritme [Rhythm], Discipline [Discipline] and Achterblijven [Staying behind]. She appears regularly in the media and participates in public discussions.

Photography copyright: Mohammad Abdulazez (Azouz)

Dr Conrad Hughes

Dr Conrad Hughes is Campus and Secondary Principal at the International School of Geneva, La Grande Boissiere, the oldest international school in the world.
The role international education can play in reducing prejudice.


Dr Conrad Hughes is Campus and Secondary Principal at the International School of Geneva, La Grande Boissiere, the oldest international school in the world. He has been school principal, Director of Education, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Coordinator and teacher in schools in Switzerland, France, India and the Netherlands. He teaches philosophy. His PhD is in English literature. He is currently undertaking doctoral research at Durham University on the relationship between prejudice and education with specific focus on how education can reduce prejudice. His research interests also include 21st Century Education, Critical Thinking, International Education and Assessment. He is the author of numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals and as Director of Education at the International School of Geneva, he led the publication of Guiding Principles for Learning in the 21st Century with UNESCO.

His latest book, Understanding Prejudice and Education: The Challenge for Future Generations, was published in 2016 by Routledge.

Students from Stenden Meppel University

International Education through the eyes of the next generation of International School teachers
Personal and professional concepts of International Education - wonderings, experiences and challenges.

Students from the ITEps course at Stenden Meppel will present their experiences both at university and during teaching placements, focusing on moments of ‘internationalism’ during their time at International Schools. What competencies do teachers need to successfully guide children through their International School experience? What might set them apart from teachers at other schools? What memorable experiences can our students recall that really highlight the core of what it means to offer an International Education? Students will also contrast their professional and academic experiences with their own childhood experiences of school, focusing on shared as well as different aspects. Students from different study years will also be able to offer their view on their own academic, professional and personal journey during their time at ITEps. After a brief introduction of the course and the presentations of the students, the session will conclude with an opportunity to engage with the audience and an invitation to join us in a shared consideration of what International Education truly is.


Martin Skelton

AIE Trustee
Conference Reflections


Martin Skelton was first a teacher and subsequently a head teacher of two schools. He co-founded Fieldwork Education with the aim of improving learning, and in this connection continues to work with schools and teachers around the world. He was Founding Director of the International Primary Curriculum, and subsequently of the International Middle Years Curriculum. Martin directs and provides consultancy and training to schools in a number of important areas, including international mindedness, learning and the development of understanding. He has written and presented widely on all of these themes, and more. He is committed to learning that develops people to live in the 21st century, and believes that international mindedness is as important part of the mix as any other subject.