Welcome to the Alliance for International Education

The past twenty years or so have witnessed an unprecedented surge in the promotion of international education, in one form or another, in both national and international school systems and within the higher education sector throughout the world. No matter how we define it in our local contexts, we share the belief and commitment that young people have a right to and a need for international learning - and so do the societies in which they live. In a world which is more inter-connected than ever before and which faces challenges of higher global relevance than ever before, we can’t afford to let our young people and our societies move into the future without understanding that we are all in this together.

In response to the rapid growth of interest in the practice of international education, many individuals, schools, universities, systems, agencies and associations around the world have increased their activities in curriculum innovation, professional development, teacher recruitment and research. As a result support for institutions has never been so extensive nor so strong.  But often they operate in relative isolation in their own countries, sectors or educational niches - which is  the chief reason that we need an Alliance which can provide a dynamic forum which brings them together, enabling them to promote their ideas and services both to each other and to a wider audience so obtaining mutual benefit from sharing experience  and exploring how collaboration can further enhance the achievement of common goals through specific activities.

Whatever your involvement in this momentous project, we hope you’ll join with us in sharing your unique contributions and learning with colleagues around the world through the collaboration opportunities that the Alliance exists to establish. The Alliance for International Education thus exists primarily to assist you in carrying out your own projects and activities as successfully as possible through increased knowledge and understanding arising from participation with others pursuing common goals.  The more diverse your interests, the more likely are the prospects that others can benefit from learning about them. Consequently, those who ultimately benefit will be those who matter most - the young people who will forge the societies of the future.